The Love of Music is the Heart of  

"The White Fox"

Suzanne started singing at age 4, but later while in high school Steve Coach and Suzanne got together starting a band.

Raised in Eau Claire Wisconsin, Suzanne (Lead Singer), Steve Coach (Drummer), got together with Jim Campbell (bass player),  Gary Hagen (Lead Guitar),  forming " Suzy and The Monarchs".

This Midwest state is well known by many as the frozen tundra, and imagining the foursome traveling a country road pulling a trailer filled with their instruments is mind-boggling. The love of music kept "Suzy and The Monarchs" traveling after school and singing through the night, somehow able to return to school in the morning as what seemed to be normal students. Suzy aka Suzanne was the school Yearbook editor. Wouldn't you love to flip through that book now! After high school Suzanne quite singing with the band. 

Years later Suzanne fell in love with a cowboy (Dean), after a girlfriend (Sarah Jo) and her starting going to a Country Honkey Tonk called "The Rusty Horn", Another love of Suzanne's was country dancing.

A couple of years later Suzanne would marry her cowboy, and rekindle her love for music after seeing how people loved singing karaoke while at a lounge located inside a bowling alley (Chaparral Lanes). Now Suzanne Saw the hoss sitting at a table calling out names while they were sitting as if they were bingo callers and said, "That's not entertainment"! Suzanne went to the manager that heard her sing and told her about her concern about building a better following for the venue. The management gave her the green light, and Suzanne and Dean put together a music system building a large crowd while singing and giving an entertaining show. 

Suzanne put together a successful show at Cask and Cleaver helping a non-profit for Multiple Sclerosis (her close friend Terry was stricken with MS). The show was successful after many actors, and known personality would help during that 18 hr. Marathon. 

Later a booming town called Las Vegas would interest Suzanne and Dean causing them to move to Las Vegas Nv. 

Suzanne and Dean lived and entertained for 20 years in what was just know as a town, but grew to be a large city. Hosting karaoke in many lounges and bars with everyone becoming very familiar with the name "White Fox Entertainment". Whtie Fox entertainment organized another no-profit 18-hour marathon for MS with a Pub Crawl that was very successful again.

Suzanne has always loved the West Coast beach of Southern California, being able to entertain and being found on a Southern California beach with Dean occasionally, and after being away in Vegas for so many years, she found senior communities that love her style of songs and entertainment.

Progress and offers had the White Fox moving again to the Phoenix area. We are a few hours away from California and Las Vegas now, but if you have interest in another show for your occasion, please email or call us. We look forward to your occasion and hope to see you soon!